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Appendix Inorganic Volume 2


Name the method used for refin...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : (a). Van Arkel method <br> (b). Mond's process

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student in the given question asking his name the method used for refining of zirconium and Nickel their belongings basically from repurposed refining process you are vapour speed what happens in this process the method is used based on the principle that if you are taking a metal and it is being converted to solid Soni Pal to table volatile compound and then again it is being heated so it is being decomposes to give pure metals what happens if you are going to hit that a compound and furthermore it is going to be decomposed to obtain the pure metals with the principle based on vapour phase refining process that are available which is also the name of carbon this is carbonell process as possible is our when Oracle process and Iodine refining process

which of the two processes now let's see with respect to ocean water nothing before that we must know what are the process being used to process is basically used for purification purification and refining of a Nickel Nickel and where it when aap office it can be used for purification of Gir kuniyum or Titanium or when dm to be sharing different Thorium Sudheer can be used when appeal process and it can be purified using more about an option when will be used with to give you the formation of compound zri24 this is formation of metal hydride will take place and correspondingly what I told me decomposition will take place at a temperature of 1800 K so this is going to be decomposed into pure

metals so this therefore this is meant to be pure correspondingly the release of it again this is decomposition process to give pure metal refining of Nickel what happened in that month he also it was a 1 usually taken a will be taken a initially so when it is being treated with you over at a temperature of 333 2350 K up ok so this is going to give you a compound which is an ICU full form and furthermore same process will be repeat it is going to be decomposed over there and I so you are taking the temperature of 450 2470 this is the temperature in to decomposed into pure Nickel is given out this is

there any process this is the answer here it is it will be Mod process prospective

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