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Aldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic Acids


Name the main products in the ...

Name the main products in the following reactions: <br> 2-Butene reacts with `O_(3)` in presence of Zn-dust and `H_(2)O`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : acetaldehyde


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lost the question is name the main products in the following reaction that to beauty rocks with two three in the position of Jalandhar and water what will happen if YouTube beauty mens this is the main reactant and that is reacting with 33 water and dust from your simple is simple trick is there anyone oxygen this is already present and we have read this and I will it take oxygen in this way it is price of this compound will for men that name of the compound will be eaten all we can discuss the mechanism of one step mechanism that one we have any this compound will first react with HNO3 and it will form a complex light within the intermediate slide

Ch option is present again chch3 in downside to assemble a person by reacting with 3 year what will happen if we break something like this that way and industry value from three h3c 112 song and English portion also this be formed along with the cal can see this oxygen is evident that will it will be called as a nascent oxygen now what is the role of this day that can be combined with this method nascent oxygen so that this would be otherwise this method option will be oxidized is added to acid and that's why zinc is used to that this Nation oxygen to form channel thank you


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