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Class 10






Sulphuric Acid


Name the compound which is res...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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hello friend name the compound which is the green coloration when Sulphur Dioxide acidified potassium dichromate solution OK so the question is very straightforward we have to tell that what is the reason behind the green colour when sodium dioxide is reacted with acidified potassium dichromate to it look into the reaction directly then we will observe that SO2 + 27 which is Potassium dichromate and as it is given that the solution is acidic 52 we are taking acid as H2 S o4 know that Potassium dichromate is oxidising agent and Oxidation State hair is plastic and the oxidation state of sulphur hair is plus 4

and the colour of the Potassium dichromate is orange look into the reaction when we will find that the product formed R K 2 S o4 yaar to water molecule that what is the reason coloration we can see and we know that the we know that the chromium sulphate has green colour to this is the reason behind the green colour to let me write the conclusion for you green colour YouTube present

this year completed the question and I hope I was able to help you in the question

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