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Name the class of hydrides to which `H_(2)O, B_(2)H_(6)`, NaH and `LaH_(3)` belong.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
`H_(2)O` : covalent hydride, `B_(2)H_(6)` : covalent hydride, NaH : saline hydride, `LaH_(3)` : metallic hydride.


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student in these questions into the class of hydride going to react with S block P block dihydrogen with other metal and non metal react with their formation I need hydride whenever the central metal atom is involved from the axle of that is Sodium Potassium

calcium magnesium 200 going to generate is known as fine as it can be Naukri covalent hydrides are the one which are being found from the P block element that it from non metal non metal connection with hydrogen covalent now what is our third that if the metallic metallic aur non Matric interstitial inter highlights what are the their going to combining certain proportion examples of transition series which is lanthanum lanthanum 2.700 in the metric decided by hydrogen how much data mining with the central metal atom covalent hydride example will be b2x breakup status

from P block element example could be NH PPT examples of ionic hydride is going to be energized by because it is a block element compound the water with option because Momentum P block element I take b2st with common and third option that it and it is right from F block elements is going to be ionic next Section 23 is it is found with our inner transition that is lanthanum going to combat for interstitial Kishan aur metal it is not classified with the trick how to know which one will be metallic which

one will be equivalent to the pollution thank you

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