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special reaction to introduce any I am writing this reaction I'll try to understand that something right in Ai + mno2 + H2 S o4 giving rise to power plus 5 1st year going to write down the oxidation numbers ok now any one of the number of plus one id has now now in H2 S o4 hydrogen and oxygen has -25 per will happen if you can calculate for Sulphur also how to into plus one for hydrogen oxygen
iPhone 11 - 2 touch my boob press 2008 iodine and died and operations it is converting to it that oxidation number is increasing and therefore Oxidation state of MN and manganese and is going from + 42 + 2 in MNS support ride is oxidation number is decreasing and protection is taking another species of getting reduced fat type of a reaction will be known as a Redox reaction and moreover it can be known as the intermolecular Redox reaction right in the modulated of stanzas to reacting to in this case it is between any actions taken place between any two
intramolecular aldol reaction to the correct answer this question is option 3 is not a disproportionation it is an example of a applications it is getting oxidized and reduced to remind in India just opposite will get after port is present in the reactants and now it is microthermal reaction is no he doesn't work at all

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