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everybody today equation is given this reaction is any app + H2 S o4 gives any 2 S o4 + SO2 which is a gas and it was a gas so and wherein the means for option we have to decide which option which type of reaction at a given reaction is now a first analyse the equation and see which element is underweight reduction of elements aadami oxidation are equation is a reaction is an AI + H2 S o4 concentrated give any 2 S o4 + 22 + to calculate the oxidation state of every element hear any having up pics of Indian state of class 1 and the entire molecules are electrically neutral this I should be having - 1 + 3 equal to zero now a letter to calculate the oxidation state of sulphur in here at the acts of state of hydrogen is Texas + 1 and Oxidation state of oxygen
is also fixed between -2 and hydrogen is required to attend the hydrogen to into it since it was one plus s is X1 atom and oxygen we help for adults with each of them has offered in set of -2 understand I molecule is electrically neutral so it would be equal to zero it is calculate hours will Bittu + X - 8 equal to zero and X would be plus 6 Sofia where having the oxidation state of sulphur to be plus 6 not coming here this is having a fix Oxidation state of plus one is Oxygen having a pics of relationship of -2 if you look at this and these were compared to similar except that it is replaced by any and this as any have the fix of the richest CEO + 1 + 1 202 end result was itself as option does oxygen 4 times and -2 if you calculate this is also comes out to be plastic this this tour
analogous to calculate it it is again going out to be + 6 + 6 letters calculate this one let it be the oxygen husband pics of IT in state of -2 and here we have to oxygen so this you will have official state of -42 into minus 2 is this entire molecule is electrically neutral the sulfas is must have an Oxidation state of + 4 Y + 3 miles for equalise and it will be it will be equal to zero so here are having class 42 here you can see it since this is a isolated molecule it is not going away define molecule and recently I am I in the screen at opposite of each 0 ok happening if you look at the castle is changing - 120 is going from - 120
what is happening for this to go from - 120 it has to lose electrons this is the case of oxidation or we can say whenever the within the state of limit increase it is increased from Rs 120 said to be oxidation now here and his constant + 1 + 1 as well so nothing is happening having a + 1 + 1 sem sulphur from class 6 to 8 plus 4 sem plastic but it in here it is it come from class 6 to Plus right sulphur is going from + 62 + 2 and for that has to accept four electrons why because 6 minus 4 Y + 2 = of charge via using for electrons and since we're adding electrons that would be reduction it is the forces of reduction of a reaction on the options purse is disproportionation reaction to what is disproportionation reaction it means that when
single element with the figure with an Oxidation state of anything it it reacts and at the end of the reaction at the product side we are seeing that element undergoing bhoot oxidation and reduction at the same time for example if it is a reaction is copper and give after the docks it gives you two positive + 2 is happening of copper is going from + 1 + 2 this is what is oxidation by because it it is increase of operational state and also it is Losing electrons to do so and copper at the same time it is also going from Khopoli to 20 this is reduction it it is decreased production also it went from + 120 action coming to be part of a look at this to you find that this reaction is disproportionation know why because copper here is going to 2 States
it is under both of presentation the same time but here I've been undergoing oxidation and reduction it is not a disproportionation reaction party parties comproportionation reaction comproportionation opposite of this opposite of this it means that a single element with two Oxidation state two different operations as a reactant side light AG to positive plus ag0 gives advice AG positive here AG to positive points to a deposit what is happening production is decrease of Oxidation State here is a positive oxidation of elements am beautiful official state it going to a single Oxidation state is comproportionation but here we not see anything like that for this comproportionation reaction
I have two different operations at the reactant site but here I didn't only having -1 only having class 6 to 10 not also comproportionation 2 part 3 part C is a for order entomology reaction admits that is internal Redox reaction is dad Redox reaction that occurs between two or more different molecules whenever you Singh two or more different molecules it is a demola paradox reaction here it is happening between to defend it is intra and intermolecular dax reaction and you don't have to look at your part because if that is correct or incorrect stop motion part 2 Party Bihar for thermal combination adopt the first what is thermal what are the mean if it involves heat
sing in a delta delta it is not Thomas competition it would have to look into the party would be part thank you