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Metalic tin (Sn) is oxidised t...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Sn is oxidised to `+4` oxidation state (maximum oxidation state of `Sn=+4`) <br> `SntoSn^(+4)+4e^(-)(n=4)` <br> `[5e^(-)+MnO_4^(ɵ)toMn^(2+)](n=6)` <br> Equivalent od `Sn=("Weight")/(Ew)=(1.0)/((118.6)/(4))=(4)/(118.6)Eq` <br> `Sn-=MnO_4^(ɵ)` <br> `Eq-=Eq` <br> `(4)/(118.6)-=0.1xx5` (n-factor)`xxV(L)` <br> `V_(MnO_4^(ɵ))=(4)/(118xx0.1xx5)=(4)/(59.3)=0.067L` <br> `Sn-=Cr_2O_7^(2-)` <br> `Eq-=Eq` <br> `(4)/(118.6)-=0.1xx6` (n-factor)`xxV(L)` <br> `V_(Cr_2O_7^(2-))=(4)/(118.6xx0.1xx6)=(4)/(71.16)=0.057L` <br> Alternatively <br> `(V_(MnO_4^(ɵ)))/(V_(Cr_2^(2-)))=(6)/(5)=6:5(("f-factor " Cr_2O_7^(2-))/("n-factor of "MnO_4^(ɵ)))` <br> Since the same equivalent of Sn is reating with 0.1 M of `KMnO_4` and `K_2Cr_2O_7`, the ratios of the volumes of `KMnO_4` and `K_2Cr_2O_7` reacting with the same equivalent of Sn is inversely proportional to their n-factors.

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hello Google questions in metallic team that is authorised to its maximum Oxidation state by KMnO4 and K2 cr2 O7 separately in the presence of HCL right to calculate the ratio of the volume of Daisy molecular evolution of KMnO4 and K2 cr2 O7 that will be reduced by one gram of CSF that is Aarti and atomic weight of acid is also given first call if we write the reaction so hair Asin that is going to so we can write SNS going to SL + 4 which is my maximum Oxidation state and well this we add electrodroid sofa exchange of electron is there will be for the from ml ml 4 - and it is going to in presence of HCL so it is in acidic medium so it will go to a plus 2

class 7 it is going to plus 2 total electron tattoo required at the time course 25 read the offer for condition of cr2 O7 2 - rate we can write to CR plus 3 it can work and for this excellent of records and this condition will be 63 condition right here right now we can write as the Assembly reacting with both so we can write that equivalent of equivalent of a cell is equal to equivalent of mno4 - red and equivalent of what we cannot wait for Molecular weight upon the entire read the first of all it is a 1 divided by molecular weight 118.6 for

/ delta and that is equal to 4 and it is required for 1 gram rate and they should be equal to equivalent of mno4 it is the 0.11 right here that the first of all it is equivalent of evanova -12 a is 0.1 into 5 into what we can write volume that because we know that molarity is equals to delta and into Delta sorry normality is equals to enter into molarity and normality required to enter into molarity from here and one by one we are using soap from here let se this is volume of mno4 - Wesley rate from hair volume of bmm - this comes as 4 /

11 8.6 into 0.1 into 512 equals to 0.067 l b s m equation with the cr2 O7 2 - 800008 equivalent of acid and this should be equivalent of cr2 O7 2 - so in this condition if you write again for this is one upon 118.6 divided by 4 and they should be equal to for free at 17 this is 0.1 into 6 into volume let baby so volume hair volume l l this will be 0.057 rate and we have to calculate the ratio so we have two volumes the volume ratio is we

mno4 - / cr2 O7 - rate cr2 O7 -2 this will be equal to 0.0 64 - / 0.05 so it will be eventually equals to 6.5 so we can write it has 6 ratio 5 ratio for question of sex ratio

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