Mention the main compounds which constitute Portland cement.

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(a) Add BaCl2 solution (I) is a sulphate salt and will give a white precipitate of BaSO4. (II) is sulphonate (sulphonic acid salt) and will not give any precipitate.
(b) Add concentrated NaOH and heat the mixture. (II) will change to a volatile free base Me3N, which has a typical NH3 odour. compound (I) will not react.
(c) With HNO2(NaNO2+HCl),(II) (2 amine) will give yellow oil of nitrosamine, which is insoluble in acid. (I) will react with HNO2 to give p-nitro compound which is still basic and is soluble in acid.
(II) is ionic and thus gives white precipitate of Ba(OH)2 on addition of BaCl2 solution. it is a strong base and its solution turns red litmus blue.
(I) is a covalent amino alcohol and does not respond to the above tests.
(e) (I) is ionic and gives white precipate of AgCl with AgNO3 solution whereas (II) does not.
(f) (I) is 1 aromatic amine and gives dye test, whereas (II) does not.
(g) (II) is basic and (I) (amide) is amphoteric, so (II) dissolves in aqueous HCl, whereas (I) Does not.

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