Match the statements in List I with the correct answer from List II. <br> <img src="https://doubtnut-static.s.llnwi.net/static/physics_images/ALD_VJD_ICSE_CHE_VIII_C04_E02_001_Q01.png" width="80%">

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone question in list one with the correct answer from this to so in this question they have given is to live this one comes from statements and is to consider some answers of the day I am alright 16 season 1 first statement sees that mass number of an atom is the number of protons and so they are talking about mass number not thinking that consists of electrons protons and neutrons electrons particles or right so these electrons have very negligible mass and that's why their masses are not considered in the calculation of mass of an atom only the mass of proton and neutron for the calculation of mass of an atom which is nothing but mass number on it and the mass of proton and neutron almost equal so mass number is

Proton plus neutrons so the first match will be with me or right next up we have the subatomic particles with a negligible mass via ssh is mentioned here since electrons have negligible mass their masses are not considered in calculation of the atomic mass so that's why we can see that they have negligible mass which is nothing but 9.1 into 10 raise to the power minus 31 kg there is the mass of proton and neutron is 1.67 into 10 raise to the power minus 27 kg alright so their masses are very high in quantity as compared to that of electrons that's why to will match with fees we have 30 points please an atom having table electronic configuration of

all the noble gases have stable electronic configuration ok so noble gases among these is argan so I can has a stable Nobel a electronic configuration that means that it has 8 electrons in its outermost shell on physics chapter Motion Solution so electronic configuration is something that is 1 is to 2 is to topi 63 S 2336 alright physique in outermost shell of argan and it consists of 6 plus 2 8 electrons this school is well that's right is very stable so we will match with P Mississippi have statement for which says that a molecule formed by sharing of electrons covalency of a given options on nitrogen molecule which can be which is a diatomic

molecule first of all ok I am molecule can only be like if there are two atoms only then there can be sharing of electrons so we can check nitrogen nitrogen has 7 electron in a soft emotional so we can not 735 electron in its outermost shells were invited something like this is to nitrogen combined because the molecular formula for nitrogen is 10262 nitrogen for going to combine hear something that is if I electrons each hello how are going to combine so they are going to share this 3 electrons among themselves and achieve the noble gas configuration as you can see if you count the shared features of electron as well this 12345678 8 electrons that is the fully filled electronic configuration of noble gases and 12345678 electron both have and have from the compound

by sharing of electrons and valency of so4 will match with d on 5th we have a metallic atom having unstable electronic configuration so among these option on DD is left which is Sodium which is belonging to group 1 and group 1 elements are known as the alkali metals so alkyl obviously sodium is a metal alright so now they are saying that is unstable electronic configuration electronic atomic number of sodium is living with electronic configuration is 1 is to 2 x 2 topi 63/12 receive this is the outermost shell which only has one electron in it so that's why sodium atom is very unstable ok in order to achieve 17 electronic configuration it has to lose when electron so 5 will match with

C so that is the answer the questions thank you

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