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Class 11






Sample Question Paper


Match the following <br> <img ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : (i) -c, (ii)- d, (iii)-a, (iv)- b

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hi everyone let's take a question here the question is March the following and we are given with the two columns and we have to match it with their correct option so first is our built-in test will stain test ok this test is used if we discuss about this test this test is used to detect the presence of halogen detect presence of halogens in organic compound in organic compound ok so to test the presence of halogen inorganic compound built-in test is performed ok so what happens in this text small amount of organic compound organic compound is flattened is taken on flattened and of flattened

end of copper wire OK it is taken to the flattened end of copper wire and it is introduced to the flame ok so there if we get the blue or green flame if we get blue or green flame then it will indicate the presence of halogens in the organic compound ok so here we can say that built in test is for the halogen so here we can write the first ok sunao is purest and the densest form of carbon than our answer is Diamond because we know that diamond is the solid form of pure carbon atom and it is also known as the allotrope of the carbon ok so here are our answer is Diamond no next is oxidation if we see the example for the oxidation Sohail suppose we have zinc in the solid form ok after hair we will has zinc 2 Plus

Aqua plus two electrons ok it means that in the oxidation we have the loss of electrons because here we have lost the two electrons it means oxidation relates to the loss of electrons where we can write third Nova last is solution of Acetic Acid and Sodium Acetate it is our acidic buffer ok because acidic buffer is formed by hair we have acetic acid and Sodium Acetate write and Sodium Acetate ok if we talked about the acidic buffer it is formed by the weak acid + strong base weak acid + strong base that's why if theory has ch3cooh here we have ch3coona to its obvious it will be formed when ch3cooh will react with n a o h ok

and here we will have the release of water molecule ok so here this is our salt of acid so that's why it formed the acidic buffer that's right forms the acidic buffer so these are ever correct match for these column ok so this is our correct answer thank you

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