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Class 12






Principles Of Qualitative Analysis


Match the Following : <br> {:(...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A(p, r, s), B(p, r), C(p), D(q, r)

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hello everybody the question match the following one column from column 1 to connect look at these ions on ions are given in the column 1 Python find sulphide unit sulphide of you want and what you are so that is the observation is giving a serving the thing but the test for these iOS when we add dilute HCl to any metallic find what we also they are the tests given over to see 1111 ke

answer and dilute HCl or dilute H2 S o4 to this thiosulfate Byan that is ace2three the solution that IT Solution which is not clear or transfer is a kind of the answer for this ji ki answer answer yes the second one 20 fight 3

find an event is character getting charged in metallic sulphate sodium sulphide Ore potassium sulphide venue which tree so4 Sulphur Dioxide gas Sulphur Dioxide gas test for Sulphur Dioxide can see it turns acidified important city find dichromate solution green this is the answer be the colour of Potassium dichromate is orange win it passed through it turns from Orange took that is the test for Sulphur Dioxide gas so for me the answer these are

new latest go to the third one carbon very easy all of you have learnt 32 - it always any metal carbonate reacts with dilute HCl carbon dioxide and water milky and write the fourth one is very easy it's obvious that is sulphide the force one means sulphide Ion 2 - sulphide

the gas given out H2S hydrogen sulphide I think you know which Smells Like rotten egg and the test for hydrogen lead acetate paper black soap for cutie Ansari be so his two years so answer Fossil finding sure all of you have understood

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