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Match the correct ionisation enthalpies and electron gain enthalpies of the following elements.


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The correct Answer is
i) Most reactive non-metal has high, ΔiH1 and ΔiH2 and most negative ΔegH. Therefore, the element is B.
ii) Most reactive metal has low ΔiH1 and high ΔiH2 (because the second electron has to be lost from noble gas configuration) and has small negative ΔegH. Therefore, the element is a.
iii) Metal forming binary halides and alkaline earth metals. They have ΔiH1 and ΔiH2 and have positive ΔegH values. Thus, the element is D.
iv) Metal forming binary halides are alkaline earth metals. They have ΔiH1 and ΔiH2 values little higher than those of most reactive metals (such as A) and have comparatively slightly less negative (Δeg) H values. Thus, the element is C.
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ok hello everyone on this question say that matter correct ionization enthalpy and electron gain enthalpy for the following elements to be having given delta H and delta H and Delta Stewart is the admission therapies and a delta S Ijazat is the electron gain enthalpy and which of them will be the first one is most reactive non metal that for the most reactive nonmetal the electron gain enthalpy is going to be the most negative we can see that this is the most negative electron gain enthalpy and the electron ionization enthalpy will be very high because it will require a lot more energy to knock down the electron so we can clearly see that these options without you have to look at the emerging therapies we can just tell it by the electron gain enthalpy is that means that my first part will be associated with be because send a non metals accept electrons and the most reactive nonmetal will be very eager to
the electron and has to be having the highest at the negative electron gain enthalpy most reactive metal were the most reactive metal the first ionization enthalpy is going to be comparatively less but for the second one is going to be very high and why is it so because you know that the most reactive metal people have an electric electronic configuration of something ns1 musical it's going to the group 1 elements so as soon as it loses one electron it will become it will attain noble gas configuration and therefore will be highly active that is as soon as at least one electron attend a global cache configuration after that do not an electron it will require a lot more energy so we have to look for such compound which has first ionization enthalpy as low as one is high and the overall electron gain enthalpy should not be that much we can see adoption a has
the first ionization cal 419 and is a very big difference in the personalization selfie and that i s i s part will be associated with option A now for the third part least reactive element for the reflective element in the detachment and attached to be very high and also the electron gain enthalpy will be positive that's why does the least reactive metal elements that means option d will be the correct answer so I can write third option will be associated with the path not the last one is obviously associated associated with apart but later second as well so it is saying that metal forming binary highlight that to form two halides basically it will have to lose two electrons that means delta H and Delta should not have multiple they should be relatively easy to achieve their proficiency they both are easy to achieve I definitely going to be a metal that means it's angry
therapy should not be that I know that is not even that much I that means possible Association with this a complete solution thank you

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