Match the conversions in column X using sulphuric acid , with the type of chemical property of sulphuric acid A to E it represents in column 'Y'. <br> <img src="https://doubtnut-static.s.llnwi.net/static/physics_images/ALD_VJD_ICSE_CHE_X_C07_D_E03_016_Q01.png" width="80%">

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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question chemistry conversion in Kollam x-requested-with the type of chemical property of sulphuric acid A 2nd column to do we are certain actions that is given ok in which the formation of certain kind of product in react to match is the property of sulphuric acid Hindi calling reactions with the properties in in bipolar I started this custom first first part of nitrate Mikey and when it is H2 S o4 and what happened is my k2so police NH 233 is used to form is used in combination of molten as it like this

it is more volatile and my sulphuric acid is less volatile and tell me it has higher boiling temperature where is HNO3 which is best for which is so sorry sorry it is it correct correct sorry I get easily at room temperature to return to boiling temperature temperature temperature to be considered that the property of the actual which is less volatile property will be will be there in distillation column will match with

discuss second part second reaction is my copper to Copper oxide copper to centred cupric oxide to ask it is my best because it the oxide of metal church service it is the Acetic Acid + base salt and water where it is using it is lactic acid acid is my correct option here to because property of third part third part is

copper to Copper Sulphate what's going on copper is zero Oxidation state is MI you where is in cuso4 the density of copper is + copper has been oxidized pump there is acting as a option aged ok so here we will match with my location is it later just cause 4 part 4 part 1 all to ethene from ethanol to but added it concrete

24 + lot of water near dehydration is taking place dehydration reaction my port will match with the my trip to part is any H2 S o4 speed is getting with sodium bisulphate sodium sulphate this shows the diabetic nature of H2 S o4 here that I basic nature of H2 s o4

this reaction is cause for one hydrogen is replaced by Sodium to computer and then both the end of the head of the Celtic acid is pleased to hear 5 will match with the remaining 11 is acid are you that have made my thanks for watching

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