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Class 11






The S-block Elements


Match the compounds given in C...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Answer : A. `rarr(3)` B. `rarr(4)` C. `rarr(2)` D. `rarr(1)`
Solution : A. `CaCO_(3)-` Manufacture of high quality paper <br> B. `Ca(OH)_(2)-` Used in white washing <br> C. `CaO -` Manufacture of sodium carbonate from caustic soda <br> D. `CaSO_(4)-` Dentistry, ornamental work

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ok so everyone to the question save that match the compound given in column 1 with their uses Mansion and column to so we have been given some compounds in column 2nd AC to match their uses a column to select begin with the first one of the first one is calcium carbonate that is caco3 we know that calcium carbonate is used in manufacture of high quality paper right option that is calcium carbonate is used to manufacture high quality paper that is option C second one is calcium hydroxide is CA with whole twice so Calcium Hydroxide is used in white washing soda is used for whitewashing purposes from here we can write option be associated with 4th August 3rd parties calcium oxide so calcium oxide is used to manufacture sodium carbonate from caustic soda physically caustic soda is nothing but it is calcium oxide so

A lease even if you don't know the answer we can clearly match see with s latest look at the last point which is calcium sulphate is caso4 we know that caso4 is known as dead burnt plaster when we burn when we heat gypsum we get this caso4 and it is used in dentistry ornamental work from here I can write the path is used for option one should this be completed solution thank you

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