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Match the complexed listed column I with type of hybridisation listed in column II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists :
ColumnIColumnII(a)[AuF4](p) dsp2hybridisation(b)[Cu(CN)4]3(q) sp3hybridisation(c)[Co(NH3)6]3+(r) sp3d2hybridisation(d)[Fe(H2O)5NO]2+(s) d2sp3hybridisation


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The correct Answer is
(a)[AuF4],Au is in +3 oxidation state with 5d8 configuration , so complex is diamagnetic with dsp2 hybridisation.
(b)[Cu(CN)4]3,Cu is in +1 oxidation state with 3d10 configuration , so complex is diamagnetic with sp3 hybridisation.
(c)[Co(NH3)6]3+,Co3+ has d5 configuration which has higher CFSE, so hybridisation of d2sp3 and complex is diamagnetic.
(d)[Fe(H2O)5NO]2+,Fe is in +1 oxidation state having 3d7 configuration, so hybridisation of complex is sp3d2 and paramagnetic with three unpaired electrons.
[Fe(H2O)5NO]2+: ocr_image
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hello everyone a new column to row in column 1 different components and given and determined hybridization is complete solution Pune to determine what is the first compound given to the first compound is a UFO plus 3 audition venue is industry Oxidation State configuration become successful hero and find a cause of this configuration you can show dsp2 hybridization psp2 hybridization this is what is the hybridization of xef2 hybridization paper things you can see that all the electrons are paired up all the electrons are there there is no unpaired electron and therefore it can show the
because there is peeling off of electron right now in the second state in the second Complex of first one is DSP 2.1 sp1 let c d s 144 and then it is 3 - take this year the oxidation state of CPU is in class 1 Oxidation State plus one Oxidation State then its outermost electron enters 3D 1003 this is the configuration of CU + 1 now in this configuration you can see that there is no space left in the d orbital it is completely filled it has completely filled D orbitals completely filled D orbitals D orbital is completely filled so when it has completely filled D orbital kiya to its hybridization will be then
SP3 hybridization SP3 hybridization Re SP3 hybridised it will be because then what will happen because it's nearby computer will be SP3 hybridized to second one will be SP3 hybridised it will be cube when we come to the third compound it is CU NH3 wholesale dukan St very well as its three plus to hear you know very well that the oxidation state of Kuwait is plus three because NH3 is neutral wire for Oxidation state of covid treatment from here you can see that the configuration will be 3D 52 when you have this configuration 3D part about this NH3 is actually this strong field ligand pairing pairing of
electron electron takes place when creating a b c d 500 12345 12345 the pairing of electrons take a thing of electron takes place you can see there is one unpaired electron left and then there is 2D are vital to the empty D orbital is left to empty D orbital left right to empty the orbital is left now when you give you can see now very well that this is an example of inner orbital Complex inner orbital Complex what is inner orbital Complex tune available the what is inner orbital Complex when you have dmt D orbitals because of the pairing of electron then it leads to the formation now we can write it really that the hybridization of this Complex will be
P2 P3 write the hybridization will be D2H 356 number of ligands which needs to get attached to the hybridization here will be to SP3 SP2 SP3 hybrid drive option between matching here will be S8 vs for that is D to sp3ed last not be it is a pH 2 hall 5 behno FB H2O all file and then this is whole to the power of plaster write the charges + 2 now you can there you will see that the oxidation state of affairs + 1 November Oxidation state of AP is plus one it is 37 write any of these treaties
7387 12345 12345 6789 because hearing does not take appearing peering doesn't Rocker bearing doesn't talking why because of the presence of because of the presence of the presence of weak field ligand page does not occur as you can see no empty D orbitals no empty Dr B L so what type of complex to be found here its formation of outer orbital Complex in the previous owner of biotic components now Enclave outer orbital Complex New habit formation of automatic updates answer the answer will be that
hybridization of this compound will be 38230 phpbb3 to you can play with kubernetes SP2 hybridised then what will be matching part yes it will be our right sp3d to India now let's write down club 20 cute ASP net check which option pqs this is our answer pqs and right answer pqs check which option is matching in the first option it is given PQ and Rs in the first option only it's given PQ snr required answer will be option A which of the which option is correct one is correct right understood thank you very much

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