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Class 12






Nta Jee Mock Test 63


Match the column I with Column...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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(p) - (iii), (q) - (i), (r ) - (iv), (s) - (ii)(p) - (ii), (q) - (iv), (r ) - (i), (s) - (iii)(p) - (ii), (q) - (iv), (r ) - (iii), (s) - (i)(p ) - (iii), (q) - (ii), (r ) - (i), (s) - (iv)

Answer : A

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hello students the question is match the column 1 with Colin to and mark the appropriate choices so this column one is state function dalit is equal to Q value is equal to Q intensive property and calling to is at constant pressure specific heat entropy and constant volume and they have been given these four options and Neetu matched to the first option that we have a state function ABC state function then basically the state function depend upon the invention and the final state of the system and not on the path between it final state of system and consider this is a to b then if the system is going from A to B then it will depend on the ignition system A and B and not on the past life fast can be like from A to B is like

it can be like it to be like this it can be like a to be this so it would depend upon that if we see in all these options then we can see that entropy is a state function entropy is basically London matches with this is p p state function and three matches with me the next option h so the second one is it about it so that it is equal to tell you plus free delivery at constant pressure at constant pressure the speed and meeting will be equal to zero so now what happens is this paper will be constant year so the speed and weak term can we can write as you so there is delay it will be equal to tell you so we can

conclude that the skew matches with images with one find the third option that is see that is are sorry Dell you so ABCD new then we can write that w is equal to Q + w so w p Dalvi and if we integrate this DW we will be getting total work done and we know that at constant volume this value will be equal to zero value is equal to q so we can say not all matches with 4 and the last of in intensive property this is intensive property intensive property means that it will be independent of independent of quantity of matter in the system if we see

specifically that is Q is equal to MC Delta T A M is the Maasai is the Heat heat capacity in Delta is the temperature change and if we see that this q seat capacity is intensive property that is it is independent of the amount of water present in the system and the specific heat capacity can be defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram substance of 1 Degree C to this specific heat capacity is intensive so as matches with to the first option images with three is correct humans with one is also correct are matches with 4 is correct as matches with 22 the first option is correct your and all the other options are wrong here so thank you

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