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Class 10






Study Of Compounds Of Nitrogen- Ammonia


Magnesium is burnt in the air ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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burnt in air and water added to the product the smell of ammonia gas is detected write the equation for the reaction which produces Ammonia gas in the situation situation in which magnesium is burnt in air and the product that is obtained from reaction of magnesium with is then added to water which results in a smell of ammonia gas so what is the reaction that is taking place here we need to write the chemical equation for the ok now magnesium your dating that magnesium is burnt in air that means that their come AIR air has a component of Oxygen and nitrogen as a major component right to it will react magnesium if it reacting with their to react with both magnesium sorry Oxygen and nitrogen so with oxygen it will form Magnus

with nitrogen magnesium will form MG + N2 it will form magnesium nitride mg3 balances reaction here 3 atoms of three moles of magnesium will be used here the product that we have obtained is magnesium nitride nitride so when Magnesium nitride is treated with water it give Ammonia so that is what is happening in this situation that they are given so if you treat magnesium nitride with water MG 3 and 2 with H2O reaction is something like this with the get magnesium Hydroxide NGOs whole twice Ammonia reaction Ammonia gas is released which has a very functions well and it is easily

detectable it sees the reaction is balanced or not so here there are three atoms of Nitrogen Square X is with three so we get three atoms of magnesia morningside this is the number of nitrogen nitrogen also is to in the side where is in the products and only ones will be multiplied respect to other atoms of magnesium in nitrogen having balance the season was hydrogen so we have 3206 plus 32 the 612 hydrogen how to multiply this with 6 9 12 18 on each side that is the number of oxygen so here we have 3 2006 Oxygen and heroes experience is a balanced reaction to this is what is happening in this situation that they have asked is where the smell of ammonia is detected when Magnesium nitrate is heated with water the product of magnesium burning in air that is burning with nitrogen why we get magnesium nitride

now this product when it is treated with water its release Ammonia gas which is detectable that is the answer the question

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