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Class 12






Alcohols, Phenols And Ethers


Lucas test is used to disting...

Lucas test is used to distinguish

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Phenols Ethers Alcohols Alkyl halides

Answer : C
Solution : NA


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main question is Lucas test is used to distinguish phenol ethers alcohol jot alkyl halides sau bees Lucas test is used to distinguish between primary secondary and tertiary alcohols which test is based on the difference in reactivity of the Primary secondary and tertiary alcohols with HCl district consists of treating and alcohol with Lucas Reagent which is the mixture of concentrated HCL and anhydrous zncl2 at room temperature in this alcohol it reacts with Lucas reagent then turbidity appears due to the formation of insoluble and

chlorides insoluble HAL Kai chlorides so when this primary alcohol react with Lucas Reagent at room temperature no turbidity is formed which means they do not react with Lucas Reagent so if we take a primary alcohol which is ch2o which is a primary alcohol if we treated with concentrated HCL + unidas zncl2 no reaction occurs no turbidity is appeared at room temperature if we take secondary alcohol which is hard to pH which is secondary alcohol and

if it treated with Lucas reagent we can write in that it forms the alkyl halide to see HCL and turbidity appear in 5 minutes it appears in 5 minutes if we take 3 treated with Lucas Reagent then it forms 3 and disturbed it appears in mediately so it appears immediately this Lucas test is used to distinguish between alcohol so Roshan 3 is correct


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