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Aiims 2002


Lucas test is used for the det...

Lucas test is used for the determination of `:`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

alochols alkyl halides phenols aldehydes .

Answer : A
Solution : Lucas test - Alcohol reacts with concentrated hydrochloric acid in presence of anhydrous `ZnCl_(2)` to from alkyl halides. The three type of alochols undergo this reaction at different rates. Order of rate of reaction is : tertiary ` gt` secondary ` gt ` primary .<br> `R-OH+HCl overset(ZnCl_(2)) to underset("alkyl chloride ")( R-Cl) +H_(2)O`


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the question is what is Lucas so is different state and cancer distinguish between battle distinguish Primary secondary and tertiary alcohol secondary and tertiary alcohol what is what happens in Lucas test is Lucas Reagent to the Primary secondary and tertiary and heat

it different result latest agent agent is anhydrous anhydrous zncl2 that is zinc chloride + HCL is Lucas what happens when Lucas reagent is used alcohol that is different alcohol so basically what happens is when we treat that is primary alcohol primary alcohol is rch2oh primary alcohol right primary alcohol is treated with HCl and anhydrous zinc chloride

in presence of air at room temperature is reaction reaction that is obtained now when we add that is secondary alcohol pho2 that is when we add this to concentrated HCL and unhide hidden cl2 it forms a precipitate of r2c r2c HCL is precipitated this is precipitation r2c HCL is precipitated plus water is this white precipitate are you can sit turbidity

with 5 minutes within 5 minutes and oily layer is formed what happens is a white coloured cloudiness or you can set it formed due to formation of formation of oily layer alright and this is the case of directors are secondary alcohol reaction for 3 degree Alcohol o h when treated with

zncl2 and HCL what happens is it forms are three CCL and it is observed but disability in all it was precipitated basically what happens when we add this agent in Google BCA white colour cloud in that is injured but in case of secondary what happens if it is observed

within 5 minutes Not immediately but in case of primary and these were the so basically Alukkas test is used for the determination of alcohol status Primary secondary and tertiary the correct answer not alkyl halide not Windows not aldehyde


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