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Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

2-methoxybenzoic acid2-carboxymethoxide2-carboxyphenyl methoxide2-methoxy carboxybenzene


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hello everyone letters of this question the patient is that IUPAC name of this compound option A 2 methoxy benzoic acid option to ka boxing to carboxy methoxide option De 2-methoxy carboxy when she went right here we are benzene ring on this benzene ring we have to group and och3 so if you look at the priority the priority of c o o h group that is carboxyl group it is greater than three witches methoxy group it means here c o o h will be given priority what we will do we will start the numbering from this carbon and carbon atom is number one on the benzene ring then this is 23

sport 5 and 6 when there is c-o-h group on the benzene ring then it is known as benzoic acid to in this benzoic acid at second position we have three witches methoxy group when we write the name first of all we have to write the name of substitute for a second position we have ocac that is methoxy group 2 methoxy and this is benzoic acid to methoxybenzoic essay write this is the correct IUPAC name 2 methoxy benzoic acid at the option to methoxy benzoic acid is given in option option A is the correct option option A is the answer thank you

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