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Updated On: 23-6-2021

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Text Solution

’ 3-Methyl-4-ethyl hexane3-Ethyl-4-methyl hexane4-Ethyl-3-methyl hexaneNonane



00:00 - 00:59Levi 1 letter solve this equation the equation says that IUPAC name for the compound interest question a compound is given we have to write select the correct IUPAC name for this four options are given option 1 3 methyl parathion screen option B3 ethyl 4 methyl hexane option C porithal 3-methylhexane and option 3 known to first of all the first to write down the IUPAC name for a compound is that we have to identify the longest carbon chain carbon atoms 12345 in this way we get 5 carbon atoms change and 123456 in this way we get 6 carbon atoms in the maximum carbon atoms change we get if 6 carbon atoms now the question is whether we should start the numbering from left side or from right
01:00 - 01:59great to hear we have to Saptah twin one is this group ch2 CH3 which is it Hai group and one is this method because we know the priority is given to ethyl group because here we have to Karbonn start the numbering from this site so 12345 because in this way the ethyl group will get the lower number if you start the numbering from here 1234 than the ethyl group will get the number 4 we have to give priority to ethyl group to it should be given the lowest number of possible now will write down it write down its name so we have to write down the name of subsequent here we have ethyl group this is ethyl group ch2 CH3 on here we have methyl at 4th position now
02:00 - 02:59we have to write down alphabetically why so in these two subsequent he comes first in comparison to M will write down the substituent ethyl first through third position we have then at Port position we have mithai and we have 6 carbon atoms chain Itni Britain has been this is the correct IUPAC name for this compound now in option in opportunity given 3 methyl parathion texans this is wrong in option TV are given 3 ethyl formate this is the correct option option B is correct option is wrong in options given 453 with her legs in this is also wrong and option 3 own is also rock the correct option is option d option B is the answer
03:00 - 03:59thank you

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