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Redox Reactions (Oxidation And Reduction)


Is the process of neutralisati...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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the question is that is the process of neutralisation of a strong acid by a strong base oradocs process ok this solution basically we are we have been of that whether the process of neutralization of strong acid and strong base adopt basically the neutralization of strong acid and strong base is never heard of it is never a dog's reaction and why it is never a Redox reaction because print the formed called as just found out the cations and anions and no rock reaction happen like a for example if you want to take an example so we can take any number of examples and we will find this two letters take the strong acid HCL + anyway so what will be the product this reaction it will be NaCl any Plus serial mine basically these are the ions which United because of the electrostatic attraction and there have no return

it has taken place order of reaction have gotten rid of reaction that it is not a doctor of this is just an acid-base reaction as you can also see that was in minus 1 minus 1 + 1 it is still in plus one hydrogen in plus one at is 10% and oxygenated -2 only change of oxidation number happen not change of oxidation number happened no change of oxidation number

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