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Solid State


Ionic solids conduct electrici...

Ionic solids conduct electricity in the molten state and not in the solid state. Explain.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : The conductivity of ionic solids is due to the mobility of the ions.


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hello adventure question is given ionic solid conduct electricity ionic solids conduct electricity in the molten state and not in the solid state explain ok here are made from iron A positively charged ions here for example here for example example NaCl crystal NaCl crystal in solid form in the solid form NaCl is arranged and regularly and tightly bonded with each other and plus CL minus plus near CL minus Sin A + CL minus plus CL minus plus ok in the solid form in the solid form the the strong electrostatic force is present between them ok hair

in solid form strong electrostatic force present electro static fourth president present ok so so I am cannot move so I am I am can not move not in solid state here very strong electrostatic force present between Sciences between so and cannot move so conductivity will be zero so conductivity so conductivity TVT but in liquid form water in liquid form but in in liquid form liquid form the

electrostatic force is less than then its solid page electrostatic force force between the force the intermolecular force inter-molecular Kolhapur what is less than less than its solid phase solid solid fit so so I am can move so I can move so so it can so it Frank show conductivity pretty ok this is the answer ok hair NaCl in solid form a strong electrostatic force students to

understand not more so conductivity is what in liquid form we know that a strong is the intermolecular forces the intermolecular force is less than its solid paid so I am can move so it's it can so conduct it can so conductivity this is the answer thank you


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