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Class 12






The Solid State


Ionic solids conduct electrici...

Ionic solids conduct electricity in molten state but not in solid state. Explain.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : In solid staet, the ions cannot move, they are held by strong electrostatic forces of attraction. So, ionic solids do not conduct electricity in solid state. Howeer, in the molten state, they dissociate to give tree ions and hence conduct electricity.


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hello Google question is ionic solid conduct electricity in molten state but not in solid state explain in model state but when it comes to college state they are unable to do so so first of all they conduct electricity in molten state because that's where is my I am writing here I need so late conduct electricity in molten state molten state because the break into ions because it break for associate at associate ok associate into iron iron free I am ok no design and associated in molten state but when it comes to solid state that they are

and growing up Lok of NaCl this is my endless crystal ok so what happens is in this initial crystal let se I have a nice any positive and negative ion in this blog in the positive and negative have a strong for that will hold them together and cold electrostatic 44 this they are unable to dissociate when they are in fallout 4 when it comes to molten state they will evening OK Google please translate in to generate electricity generate electricity

generate electricity generation of electricity is this and installed from this product due to electrostatic force and political able to conduct electricity but welcome to molten state they are able to do so because thank you


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