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Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`NaHCO_(3) and KHCO_(3)` have same crystal structureOn heating `LiNO_(3)` decomposes into `Li_(2)O an NO_(2)`Among alkali metals, Li metal impart red colour flame`Li_(2)SO_(4)` does not form alum

Answer :
Solution :
Li metal imparts carmine red colour flame due to emission spectrum.


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English statement is we have to tell which statement is not write first we are having any theory and khco3 has same crystal structure so lets you say this nahco3 + sodium hydrogen carbonate it forms long chain with this nahco3 and your khco3 crystal form forms it distract us look like here it is here it is no - it is carbon like this and it forms the dimer IT forms the time I like this it is minus it is no - this is your khco3 this is how it forms Diamond this chapter the season at Q3 this any plus has been removed and escape plus from

this form's long thin and is found the time they do not have same crystal this statement is incorrect then we are having on heating no3 decomposes into li2o into an O2 the Lithium your first group element this on heating decomposes to give li2o and your NO2 + half photo this is what it is getting this statement is right among alkali metal alloy metal impart red colour flame yes your Lithium shoes red colour flame due to its its its electronic configuration atomic number Retreat is 1 is to 2 has won this electron get excited to the state due to which excitation has taken place and the formation

Navya red colour imported so this statement is right then we having a light with the food does not form l am your alert 200 for this does not form a lamp because you let him it has very small size due to its small size it unable to form the island that is your elements your double salt double so sweet unable to set in the cavity of your Allen vs this statement is also write only a statement which is not right

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