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Class 12






The P-block Elements


In XeF_(2),XeF_(4)" and "XeF_(...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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2, 3, 1 1,2,3 4, l, 2 3, 2, 1

Answer : D
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hello send question is given in Xenon difluoride Xenon tetrafluoride and Xenon hexafluoride xef2 xef4 xef6 the number of lone pairs of Xenon respectively are first option is given to 31 second option is even 123 third option is given for 12 and put option is given 321 we have to calculate lone pairs in general dichloride Xenon tetrafluoride genuine ok ok we know that outer we know that outermost element in Junoon 88 in the genuine outermost electrons will be 8 ok Xenon have 8 outermost electrons to electron two

electrons involved in the bonding of flowing 8 electrons two electrons age involved in involved in bonding in flooring OK then structure will be then structure will be genuine flori Florence and 6 electron 3 lone pair 3 lone pair free loan free lone pair present on Junoon three loan paid project in on the engine On The Lone pair will be 3 equal to a genuine dichloride in Junoon difluoride in Junoon have 8 electrons among 8 electrons are two electrons involved in the

bonding with chlorine ok electrons age on 23 lone pairs in the second Xenon tetrafluoride xef4 Junoon have 8 electrons among 8 electrons 4 electron for electrons involved in involve in bonding bonding with Loni ok and four electrons present in an shared on fair ok and for electron for electron present answer

ok it was to lone pair school project on OK I will be actor ok and in the Xenon hexafluoride Junoon have 8 electrons in outermost orbit ok 8 electrons 6 electron

in bonding with two electrons inside lone pair equal to what a call to structure will be so answer will be answer will be lone pairs lone pairs free 23 answer will be OK

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