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Class 12






P-block Group 15 Elements - The Nitrogen Family


In white phosphorous /_ PPP = ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : F
Solution : In white phosphorous `PPP` and angle is `60^@`.

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everyone consider the following question in white phosphorus that bond angle Phosphorus Phosphorus Phosphorus bond angle is 90 degrees f to find that this statement is true or false so consider the structure of consider structure of white phosphorus that is P4 this is the White Phosphorus its structure is as follows its structure is regular tetrahedron is Phosphorus and we know that Phosphorus five Valence Electrons is Phosphorus as one lone pair and we know that this bond and that is Phosphorus single bond Phosphorus single one Phosphorus is the 60 degree that is this bond angle is equal to

60 degree and it has fallen per on the Phosphorus on it it has won loan per on is Phosphorus that is total for lone pairs and its structure is regular tetrahedron so we have to find the given statement that is in white phosphorus this bond angle this bond angle ready for single word for single one Phosphorus bond angle is is 90 degrees is 90 degrees which is not true because this is the 60 degree as we have same so this statement is the false statement hands given statement is false thank you

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