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Class 12






Chemical Bonding-i & II


In which of the following ther...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`NF_(3)` `NI_(3)` `BI_(3)` `BF_(3)`

Answer : D
Solution : For bonding to occur, following conditions should be satisfied. <br> `to` The acceptor atom must have an empty p orbital <br> `to` The p orbital of both atoms must be of comparable energy <br> In case of `NF_(3)` and `NI_(3)`, N does not have any empty p orbital. Therefore, no `p pi-p pi` bonding occurs. <br> But B has an empty p - orbital. <br> In `BI_(3)`, we have 2p orbital of B which is much lesser in energy as compared to 5p orbital of I. So, no `p pi -p pi` bonding occurs.

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in which of the following there is maximum pppp morning to we have to configure p pi p pi bonding here for this we have to understand what it really that bonding means and what are its essential conditions so back bonding back bonding is formed when there is one sigma bond already formed between two atoms so one Sigma born should be form should be already should we already formed ok second condition is second condition is in which we have to consider the second condition one atom should have

should have lone pair and other atom and other atom should have we can't should have weekend aur bhai till the last final condition one atom must belong 2 second period one of the two item should must be belonging to the second period then only back bonding will be formed so considering all the conditions only BF3 only BF3 satisfy the all the four conditions so in BF3 in bfsi we can

draw as bi f f f chlorine will have its three lone pairs yaar also clone will have lone pair and here also chlorine will have at three lone pairs and one sigma bond to clear Boron is having vacant orbital has vacant aur vital first condition condition satisfy satisfy first condition is one atom should as a condition is 181 is having a OK so now that her condition is one of the two items should be belong to the second period here both that of chlorine and Boron are belong from the second grade and sigma bond is already formed so here are all the back bonding conditions

are satisfied so here bag morning will be formed between ionic strength and this will be topi topi topi topi buy back bonding ok so here back bonding will be found by all the glory Netam in the resonance hybrid so we have to consider maximum bi Pi bonding it will be formed in BF3 because of back bonding so this will be our answer

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