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In which of the following pair...

In which of the following pairs, the two species are iso-structural ? <br> `{:((a)SO_(4)^(2-)and NO_(3)^(-),(b),BF_(3)andNF_(3)),((c )BrO_(3)^(-)and XeO_(3),(d),SF_(4)and XeF_(4)):}`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`BrO_(3)^(-) and XeO_(3)` `SF_(4) and XeF_(4)` `SO_(3)^(2-) and NO_(3)^(-)``BF_(3) and NF_(3)`

Answer : A


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hello everyone the question in which of the following pairs the two species are isostructural that means isostructural mean which have the same structure so letters draw the structure of each of them number one is and no3 - latest draw their structure drawing structure we have to first find out there hybridization so for so4 2 - fibrillation and valence electron in Central metal atom that is state and number of diamond monovalent atoms it as so there is

items without charge of this comes out to be used by 2 equal to pull the steric number 4 has SP3 hybridization where as any three mine is half of number of valence electron in the number of monovalent atoms at S20 plus charge on a charge of energy is equal to 4 pics by two that is and it comes out to BSP to the latest draw the structure and SP3 hybridised that mean it will format tetrahedral structure 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 six

electron out of waste we will form and 2 - charge that means to more electrons are the negative charge and this will be like double bond is and triple Bond so this will be a somewhat t-shaped or you can say this these electrons will repair or repel and it will form a pyramidal structure Where are in place of no3 minus that means nitrogen 23 posts and 5 and one negative charge means that was one more electron is there and we have three electron

it will be like this so can you see it is trigonil planar structure are not similar so they are not isostructural now moving on to the second option that is given in the question that option number 23 and nf3 BF3 and we have BF3 and nf3 for letters find out the hybridization of BF3 and has 3 electrons in its

emotional plus 3 monovalent atoms at asterisk comes out to be 6523 so it will have SP2 hybridization structure will be the three witches 5 electrons plus three monovalent attached and it comes out to be a this is port that means it as SP3 hybridization it is Tribunal planar and now on drawing the structure of NH3 we have 1 2 3 4 and 5 This Is The Lone pair fluorine chlorine and fluorine since it will repel the bond and will form a pyramid

now movie on to the third option that in 3 - and we are 3 - and seo2 now let's find out the hybridization of the Aao 3 - that is half of 7 no monovalent atoms attach plus charge on an iron it comes out to be 7918 by to that is School Street Number 4 has SP3 hybridization so its structure will be somewhat like SP3 instruction and we will have 1234567 and we have three oxygen attach so can we

write it is this there can be written as hair and 1 - charges also there that means one more electron is added to it will be the SBR Shri and this lone pair and used it is a pyramidal structure where as in case of xeo3 we know that Xenon has 8 electrons in its outermost shell and no monovalent attached atoms and no charge through it will be like 4 Tarik number 4 has SP3 hybridization and letters draw a structure that is Xenon 12345678 Re has three oxygen atoms attached to the known as well so

it will be like this that means this is also a pyramidal structure to can you see this both are isostructural by for Assurance we will also find the structures of 4 and HCF code and xef4 number 4th is sf4 and xef4 so4 is half of sulphur has 6 Valence Electrons plus 4 monovalent atoms are attached and this comes out to be 6th of 410 by to that is 5 street number 5 sp3d hybridization so let's draw a structure that is Sulphur has 1 2 3 4 5 6 and

we know that it will form sf4 will form is regular or can you say we know that street number 5 will form 12341 electron a lone pair of electrons will be there to can you see it is forming an irregular tetrahedral structure are you can say tvp so in regular hedral are you can say it can also perform a distorted structure next is xef4 that is half of 8 plus

equals to 12 by to that is 6 Tarik number 6 has sp3d to hybridization so we will write the structure 12345678 so it will form a square planar type structure square planar structure these are also not structural only BF 3 - 3 - and eggs co3 are the pairs which will for my sexual species the option number one is a correct answer thanks