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Class 12






Structure Of Atom


In which of the following orbi...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : `4s rarr n = 4, l = 0, ( n+l) =4` <br> `3d rarr n=3,l= 2, ( n+l)= 5` <br> `4p rarr n = 4 , l= 1, ( n+1) = 5` <br> Therefore, 4s- orbital is lowest in energy .

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I love you are the question is in which of the following are vital the sum of n + L value is lower than it is given forest 3D and 4D so here the orbital with S and F acid denoted 80 b1sp D2 and F3 so it is the number which should be noted the orbital of it did not a vital Sohail first java4s 4S so here value of n is equal to 4 and value of L it is in number so4 value of L for ss0 we have to find the n + that is 4 + 0 is equal to 4 3D Nexus 3D

show any equal to 3D is equal to sorry 40 40 value of L is equal to 40 value of eligible to so Hair N + l is equal to 3 + 2 that is 5 hour for PC so n equal to 4 and l is equal to four equal to 17 + l again for + 15 so in this question we have give the answer for the sum of n + L value which is no s o n + L value which is lowest for for that is 4 and rest gradient for PH value 585 power correct answer is 4S thank you

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