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Class 12






Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure


In which of the following comp...

In which of the following compounds , back bonding is possible

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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questions in which of the following compound back bonding is possible for the back bonding to be there should have vacant orbital item should I have electron to donate in the now in the first three the central atom is phosphorus

lone pair and lone pair now the third period it has vacant 3d orbitals now we know that contain lone pair of electrons donate easily in the making 3d orbitals donation is from P orbital of fluorine to the d orbital of phosphorus backbone is of type back bonding in BF3 now in the next option we have

also Phosphorus is central atom contains one lone pair and Bond pair with hydrogen vacant orbital but hydrogen doesn't have any free electron not any electron donor Bank in PS3 is not possible now in the third option that is NH3 is nitrogen in one lone pair and three Bond pair with that the electronic configuration of nitrogen is the one as 22 S2 and 2P 3

which country ine D P orbital and am occupied one laptop so there is no vacant and also belong S P B no that can't be bad Kaun Din nf3 is not now for the last option that is nf3 again the nitrogen is the central atom with nitrogen doesn't have any vacant D orbital so

NH3 also back bonding is not possible in option one is correct all other options are understand thank you


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