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Periodic Classification Of Elements And General Inorganic Chemistry


In the transformation of Na(s)...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Ionisation energySublimation energy Ionisation energy and sublimation energyBond dissociation energy

Answer : C
Solution : `Na_((s)) underset(Delta_("sub")H^(ɵ))(rarr)Na_((g)) underset(IE_(1))(rarr)overset(o+)(Na_((g)))+e^(-)`

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hi everyone let's take a question here the question is in the transformation of sodium that is in the solid to the sodium ion in the gaseous energy is involved are ok so here we have first the conversion of sodium solid to the sodium gas and when there is a conversion of solid to gas then we have the sublimation energy then we have the sublimation energy because here we have the sublime ok here we have the sublime and here we have the sublimation energy ok so now it means that first energy that is involved is sublimation energy right now when it is in the gaseous state so what happens here it will I nice it ionizers and we will have the ionization energy here we will have the ionization energy ok so here what we will have an A+

plus plus one electron hair we will have this electron also ke it means that here we have the removal of one electron and ok bye have the involvement of two energy is that is a sublimation energy and the ionization energy because sublimation why because here we have the solid to gas conversion then from gaseous to the iron conversion so we have the ionization energy so here were correct answer is this one ionization energy and the sublimation energy this is our correct answer thank you


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