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Class 11






Mole Concept


In the section :Na_(2)S_(2)O_(...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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the question given here is that any two ways to along the chlorine and water molecule about any 2 S o4 + 8 molecules of the equivalent weight of H2O 3 will be so we have to calculate the equivalent weight at Amazon to the molecular weight of any two H2O see so now let solve this question for solving this question this is a Redox reaction select right it once again that is na2s 23 + chlorine molecule plus 5 water molecule that would be giving out and H2 S o4 ko along with H2 S o4 molecules along and molecules of essay this would give us this is the equation Sona for Safari how to calculate the oxidation states of

the molecule that is we have to calculate Equivalent weight of any two ways to O3 let's look at each element Oxidation State as we know that the sodium is the same Oxidation State here also and also on the products right now taking the into consideration of season 2 - to calculate the oxidation state of sulphur in inside we can calculate it like this + 1 then into 2 + 2 x minus 6 that would be giving us the value that is 2 + 2 x minus 6 is equal to 0 to 100 on the side of product that is any 2 S o4 so it would be

+ 1 into 2 + 8 then minus 2 into that would Divas 2 Plus minus 1 is equal to 2 so we can see that the there is a change in the oxidation state of sulphur in so3 now we can cal write it here like this the change Oxidation State of sulphur is my status by Korean changes by 4 unit as we can see here

what is 2 and that is giving us but as the two atoms of sulphur are here and the molecule so we can X 24 now we can calculate how we can say that are enough value here are calculated it now we know the formula for the equivalent weight Equivalent weight of any compound in the rate of reaction is calculated like this molecule of / unexpected value so Vikas write the answer of this question that is the equivalent weight of na2s to O3 is M bi a

choose from the options given in the question Tata S optional

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