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Some Basic Principles Of Chemistry


In the reaction, 4NH_(3)(g)+5O...

In the reaction, `4NH_(3)(g)+5O_(2)(g) rarr 4NO(g)+6H_(2)O(g)`, when 1 mole of ammonia and 1 mole of `O_(2)` are made to react to completion


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

1.0 mole of `H_(2)O` is produced1.0 mole of NO will be producedall the oxygen will be consumedall the ammonia will be consumed

Answer : C
Solution : `underset(" 4 mol")(4NH_(3)(g))+underset("5 mol")(5O_(2)(g))tounderset("4 mol")(4NO(g))+underset("6 mol")(6H_(2)O(1))` <br> According to equation , <br> 5 moles of `O_(2)` required = 4 moles of ` NH_(3)` <br> 1 mole of `O_(2)` requires `=(4)/(5)=0.8` mole of `NH_(3)` While 1 mole of `NH_(3)` requires `=(5)/(4) = 1.25 " moles of " O_(2)` <br> As there is 1 mole of `NH_(3)` and 1 mole of `O_(2)` , so all the oxygen will be consumed .


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ok so hello everyone know this question says that in the reaction NH3 is ammonia reacts with oxygen to give us 4 and + 6 H2O not say that one mole of ammonia and 1 mole of Oxygen are made to react to completion then what happened with any one mole of H2 and produce one mole of an overly produced for all the Oxygen will be consumed at the address of the limiting reagent and option days all ammonia with consume that is ammonia is the limiting reagent so let's begin with the solution possible let me right direction husband status forerunner 35 photo giving us for any loss 6 H2O now where you can see that 4 moles of ammonia is acting with 5 moles of oxygen to give

us 4 moles of N2 and 6 moles of H2O noticing that one mole of ammonia and 1 mole of Oxygen is tracking latest decorated for one mole of one mole of ammonia and 1 mole of Oxygen is reacting with first letter is fine which is the limiting reagent because the quantity of N2 and H2 will depend on the limiting Reagent should nice all that so basically question it says that normal 884 mole of ammonia gift 5 moles of oxygen at SO2 so one mole of ammonia will react with 5.4 moles of

oxygen status equal to 1.25 Mall but we have only one mole of Oxygen that mean auction will be entirely consumed with me oxygen HD SBI toxin is the limiting Reagent that means it will be consumed in Tally which says that option C will be correct not a look at the quantity of A and B form medical data so that we really depend on the limiting reagent it is Excel industries 5 musaf oxygen Davis formal shop in aur Musa I know we have one mole of photo mil gaya bus 4 by 5 which is

pointed moles of and you will have point 1 Mol of N2 and similarly for H2O since 5 moles of Co2 is getting a 6 moles of H2O so one mole of O2 will give 65 that is 1.2 more shop HD print a list that Australian of India incorrect because one is not been produced only option C is correct so with this weekend in their solution thank you