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Class 8






Carbon And Its Compounds


In the laboratory preparation ...

In the laboratory preparation of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide is collected by:

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

downward displacement of waterupward displacement of waterdownward displacement of airupward displacement of air

Answer : D


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hello everyone question is in the laboratory preparation of carbon dioxide oxide is collected by first of displacement of water second displacement of water displacement of airport in laboratory carbon dioxide gas is produced by the action of Calcium Carbonate is caco3 is calcium carbonate + hydrochloric acid to dilute HCl and Calcium Carbonate treated with dilute then we get calcium chloride cacl2 + H2O + CO2 gas carbon dioxide gas CO2 gas

top 10 this is the reaction of action of carbon dioxide which method is CO2 gas is collected the density of CO2 gas is less than that of water but more than that of air ok CO2 gas CO2 gas is more denser more denser than air more dense than air but less dense than water less dense than water than water

cute dresses collected by displacement of CO2 gas is collected is collected by displacement of collected by displacement of air displacement of air correct answer of this question is option number 4 this is the right option answer of this question is 4 answer this question age number 4 right answer is this dress is more dense than air in the jar

CO2 gas pushes the air inside and CO2 gas is collected in the jar at the bottom is the correct answer of this question


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