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In the Hofmann-Bromamide rearrangement intermediate
compounds are :


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hi everyone let's take a question so here are the question is in the Hoffmann bromamide rearrangements the intermediate compounds are ok so here we need to know the intermediate compounds in the Hoffmann bromamide rearrangement ok so here we talk about the Hoffmann bromamide rearrangement so in that we have is R C double bond O NH2 ok here it reacts in the presence of bromine here we have any plus we will take the end ok so we have is - HBR right Sofia the First that we have is that is rconh2 BR this is the first one was the first this is correct ok now if we go for the in this reaction then here we have over ah - and we have is H2O so here we will have the formation of this r c double bond O here we have an
here we have BR ok and here we can also have Bihar - then here we have our C double bond oh and here we have this ok and here we have like this year we have this ok and here we have this ok so these are also our intermediates in this reaction ok and here we will also have the enerplus ok plus ok if we take care here now we will have the rearrangement we will have the rearrangement then we have the formation of RC and are ok and it can also be written as a r n double bond Ch double bond OK then after this what we will have we will have a gain and knew it and we will have the hydrolysis hydrolysis then we will have the formation of rnh2
SK to co3 ok this is our alkyl isocyanide alkyl ISO sign it ok now if we see the options we see the options this is also correct this is also correct it means that here our answer will be all of these here ever answer is all of these thank you