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In the ground state, an element has 13 electrons in its M shell. The element is


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given questions in the ground state and element has 30 electrons in M shell the element is so there are lmn on now the maximum electron in the castle is to for LCL it is it is and and the dispersal so value of principal quantum number that is an for casual it is one for L1 for M shell it is now an element that is manganese atomic number is 25 and electronic configuration is 1S 2S 2P
3D 5 and 4S now the third in the third sell it contains 2 + 6 + electron so promagne will be the correct option now that the option number second that is for Cobalt atomic number is 27 and has electronic configuration 2 8 2 6 S 27 and now in third said that is it contains 6 + 28 + 7 that is 15
electro now for the Nickel we have atomic number is 28 and electronic configuration is one S2 S2 ep6 PS2 and 4S to the third cell that is in a b contains 16 last option in iron electronic configuration is one has to us up and forests in that it contains the third shell or Ms shell electron option only Magnus contain
electron in the M shell it is the correct option and other options are incorrect hope you understand thank you

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