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Class 11






Practice Paper 2


In the following structures wh...

In the following structures which two forms are stagered conformations of ethane? <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

1 and 42 and 31 and 21 and 3

Answer : C


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welcome to the outlet in this tuition ask about in which of the following structure give more of those warm about single rotation with like atom present is a b and c atom present here and there is minimum distance between a and b and F and C and then click the form and here to angle hair Tod journal angle

angle is zero is there is no angle between these want this is the unstable form details and stable but that to me is the most stable form in which if a and has maximum distance like the carbon carbon and here is present here be present at birth date and this type of it and here is per balki group distance live more distance old in the earth in atmel has attained has two carbon and

is carbon containing 302 if the consider here then here to original angle from Angle B equal to 60 degree or more and it is most distinctive than there because it is the it is the most distance it is also staggered form because here it is more distances and torsional angle is 60 degree and it is the stable form it is also click the phone because there is these are overlapping each other and there is torsional angle is 30 degree and maximum please between hydrogen and please both hydrogen and both hydrogen and there are also it is overlap Each

Other this overlap this and the left the show the both are the 3rd and 4th likely the form and first and second is the standard form here is the correct option for 10 second


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