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In the following reaction, ZnO...

In the following reaction, ZnO is respectively acting as a/an <br> (i) `ZnO+Na_(2)O rarr Na_(2)ZnO_(2)` <br> (ii) `ZnO+CO_(2)rarr ZnCO_(3)`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

(a) acid and acid(b) base and acid (c) base and base(d) acid and base

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hello so course is that in the following reaction reaction and we had to tell that I didn't know that is zinc oxide is acting as that's what is acting as tested it is acting as a basement so it's time to solve this course we have to reaction to induce to action we have aged and its we can know it so that it clearly it is Z Android so they know it is eating with an a 2 z no is reacted with any to it will give installed it is send a to z n b o n A to Z and another reaction is like this in the reaction is like that is dead in it is stated with CO2 that is carbon dioxide it will give you can we are getting znco3 again we are getting

we are getting so tired so as we know that a General reaction open acid and bases when acid react is reacted with base between whom was altered so so I can write a reaction that is acid so when acid is treated with basement acid is treated with Basil so it is acid base reaction and it is very fast so there is a result the formation of Kota result in the formation of Seoul time to answer this this is the soul on the basis of this and if we know the structure and behaviour of this route so I can easily turn out the behaviour of Jitendra to heal itself so this we know that and it is a you can see that it is of sodium oxide so it is S block element of sodium is an element and we know that the oxides of S block elements in the oxides of metal

basic in nature I can see this oxide will be in basic nature of oxide will be of basic nature to on the basis of this reaction is this is this is a personal reaction is this is forming the soul and this is this must be an asset to this must be added to this is our acid this is our acid to hear this an acid-base reaction in which is zn is acting as basic in nature since it isn't a metal oxide so it will be it will be like a basic so it is any kind of acid base reaction acid react with base result information to again is metal or nonmetal are acidic in nature to if this is acid and we're getting so so this must be a business of this must be set so this is again again acid base

so here you can see this Z non1 reaction is acting as this reaction is acting as a way to I can say this and put it this way they know exactly how you can set zn stain for Telecom it is important important books and oxides are those oxides which is acting as as as well as acid as well as base to their this is acting as acid when it is interested in you is acting as a basement be stated with acid in the book is getting so so let's try to see the option option is it the first reaction zn project in

acid this is acting as a great show and in the second it is acting as it should be seen here that the janoge acting as a basis for this can be taken that is due to the base and acid but we know that injured in rejecting as a acid in the first patients with our first and second to the first Acetate so this will be automatically it will be automatically getting in the construction is it is acting as an asset to the correct answer will be the deal so that is the correct answer in visit in the first acting as acid and base answer to your question so thank you

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