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In the following reaction <br>...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : 3


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hello students in the given question you need to identify the following reaction on the major product related with this this is the major product and marginal product we find the reaction and then give the major product containing CH3 CH3 CH3 ch2 ch2 and at Plus is being added and water even so the reaction that is going to take place to show the formation of Karbala tank if you it is better to do this reaction by the following material so that you do not make any rearrangement reaction that it's been taking place if any possible so this is the given compound now what happened it will going to come to Karva ke time when is going to be at this position so that positive is added on this site so if it's this is going to convert into PS2 positive charge because of this car booking time now this is the one product in second product that can be formed with

ch3cl ch3br ch3i and decide not perform addition Ch carbon and its corresponding Ne Ch will be three these two cases which is more stable than this one is festival because it is being established mattool cargo shipping will not take place because there is no hydrogen available for this carbon and it is more stable when our major product this is going to form over minor product now what is left water consisting of h + Windows 8 - 8 x + 2 form stable carbon cation and now it will be attend attacking On Corresponding position if I M tech then it will be updating this corresponding position and products in this case is going to be three CS3 CS3 over the

site now until what age of 29 then corresponding will be added over this place and corresponding is PS3 will be formed but what is this year we have not seen the possibility of rearrangement that is being the mithai shop to methyl group is going to be shifted over this in turn can be formed with this reaction will not proceed like this mithai Shim Shim what is going to be formed over the space to this is going to be CH3 corresponding is PS3 and this methyl group is being shifted table going to get over this position and corresponding this will be PST this is a time which is tertiary 12378 from three sides now you can perform this reaction which we had initially doing so it is going to take on the

respective position at which we're going to get now ch3cn to be carrying out on this one which is the make a project on this position this is going to be the major product peacock describing it and found it more stable and tertiary carbocation and if you look from the set of options which is going to match optional see which stream we have found When the following reaction


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