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In the following questions, a statement of assertion (A) is followed by a statement of reason (R )
A : N2 CO and CN are having same bond order.
R: Isoelectronic species always have same bond order .


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hello so the question is in the following questions State Bank of assertion a is followed by statement is in session 44 end and is cartoon in having same or not and the reasoning is isoelectronic species always have same or not so let's check this out and CU and zn and 277 electrons of 782 rupees for 3 electrons in carbon in 6 class 8 electrons 14 districts + 7 + 11 because of this negative charge and 7 because of this
nitrogen student part in all three Pina fortinet ok I should also check this out by drawing on right now is Attack on Titans Sone in all of the cases Bina Fatak electrons ok so we ended up as first with one is better than fourteen lakh also it will fill up like this site it will be 7 plus 777 electrons it legal to B3 so so
google accounts and this both will come by and for Molecular vital that will be Sigma byte and it will also perform antibonding orbital that is Sigma start that so the total electrons that we have an atomic orbitals Teach For India water week will likewise 1234 then we are going to 2s orbital so I like this size will be sanem and can I to electronics 16 X 12 year olds to electrons will be combined to
Sigma Sigma star will have to km to km items have 310 feeling is 123123 Lighthouse so because of that I will be this mark and then items that will also perform Paisa malignant b and b have to feel 1234566 electrons this 1234
600000 dollars so now we know bond order formula for number of electrons in the morning on vital - number of electrons and how many we have morning or night and this is my morning on electron year 2 + 2 4 2 4 6 and 10 total an electron having body
then how many Bihari 1924 and 1000 electrons in 6.3 points will be formed all of this one of these compounds will form free bonds and new and cyanide and it's a modern the package 3 is a correct it always has a modern PHP Course the number of electrons will be same so feeling will be same so that on order also be said that this reason in house wiring and this is the reason why they have same or not
the correct option is assertion and reason I do have the reason is correct explanation for the search ok so that's ok I hope you understand thank you