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Class 12






Jee Main Revision Test-3 (2020)


In the cell Pt (s) | H_(2) (g,...

In the cell `Pt (s) | H_(2) (g, 1 " bar")| HCl (aq)| AgCl(s) | Ag(s) | Pt(s)` the cell potential is 0.92 V when a `10^(-6)` molal HCl solution is used. The standard electrode potential of `(AgCl//Ag, Cl^(-))` electrode is <br> {Given, `(2.303RT)/(F) = 0.06V` at 298 K}

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution


Answer : 1
Solution : `underset("Anode")(ubrace(Pt(s)|H_(2)(1"bar")|HCl(aq)))"||" underset("Cathode")(ubrace(MCl(s)|M(s)|Pt(s)))` <br> At `A:H_(2) to 2H^(+) +2e^(-)` <br> At `C: (MCl+e^(-) to Ag+Cl^(-))xx2` <br> `" "H_(2)+2MCl to 2HCl+2M` <br> `1.72 = E_("cell")^(0)-0.06 log(10^(-6))^(2)` <br> `1.72=E_("cell")^(0)-0.06(-12)` <br> `1.72 = E_("cell")^(0)+0.72`| <br> `E_("cell")^(0)=1.0` <br> `(E_(c)^(0)-E_(A)^(0))_(r)=1.0` <br> `(because E_(A)^(0)=0)` <br> `[E_(C)^(0)]_(r)=1.0V`


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Prem aur question is in the cell representation will be given the cell potential is point 92 what when it and its consumption is used as standard electrode potential of each other we find out ok now according to question according to self-representation left side will be used as a side note I will be used as a cathode and anode text value oxidation will be it now at the text that means as to convert into 2 X + 7 + 2 electron ok now at cathode production will be now agcl + electron it will be converted to A G plus real - ok and balances the x 2

now we overall equation H2 + 2 X it is that it will come to 80 cm and 2 X then it will be come to this will be controlled by this ok now to HCL + to edit this will be our rates now we calculate E cell for this will be a not sell -2.303 Aati bhai lock kissing Christmas aquarium cost will be yes I will be number of electron transfer Android

TV value of this then t-shirt equal to minus value of this will be given it question this value and value of and will be one that it will become 0.06 no and venue of casing will be Christmas concentration of a solution and concentration of HCL solution will be given to power -1 as we walked into a ceremony means consideration will be tempted to power minus 6 into 10 power minus 6 7 8 9 10 raise to power minus 12 and we know that formula of law and raised to power and then it will become and long-term OK then

a is equal to minus 0.06 into minus 12 law and value of log10 will be ok now at the distribution as value of e 70.9 2 innocent - 0.06 into -12 where we calculate this then load cell will be comes out pointed 20 word ok now we know that Ishwar not sell formula of notes LLB cathode and anode cathode in OT

and open and universal energy comes out hair on left side at anode hydrogen cell will be used as electron cell then its unit cell when will be zero so here value of said will be point 20 water is it clear thank you

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