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Class 12






Aldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic Acids


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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<img src="" width="30%"><img src="" width="30%"><img src="" width="30%">`C_(6)H_(5)-overset(O)overset(||)(C)-C_(6)H_(5)`

Answer : B

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hello students today's question is given with the reaction in which we have this C6 h5 ring and GSM GPRS here if will reacted with CO2 and H2O + forget to find period so here we have CO2 so the structure of Co2 is like this and we have to reacted with this compound that is C6 h5 MG this act as a Grignard reagent and sees IT act as a green RD agents of this will break as positive and hearing that negative and positive and negative now here we can see that this double bond were partially ships is electron to the oxygen and here we get partial negative charge the depth chart so here we get the compound and a double bond which is here between cat and this will be single point O Mine

have this benzene ring attached like this now your in second we have to reacted with S3 plus that is acid so this will supply X + to this compound so your addplus will be supplied to the oxygen and here we get compound like this year with double bond and at this is benzoate and prove that P is benzoic acid I hope you understand the question 2 practice questions thank you

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