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Chemical Bonding & Chemical Structure


In OF_2, the number of bond pa...

In `OF_2`, the number of bond pairs and lone pairs of electrons are respectively,


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B


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ab question is in of2 the number of Bond pairs and lone pairs of electrons are respectively what over here we are given specie of2 and we are supposed to tell the number of pairs and lone pairs of electrons that of2 has right now for this first fall will find out its abbreviation of studying number then we can find out its structure and see how many number of lone pair and Bond pair it has 24 hybridization we would use our formula half of V plus m plus the charge of 69 - the charger with the time we are a number of valence electrons of the central element among the number of monovalent atoms attached to the central element if it's and I need to add that charge and subtractor with that I so for this we have Central element is Oxygen it has its valence electron plus it is attached to two monovalent atoms provision add to overhead is not have any charge won't be considered and anion and cation status so this would be able to is equal to write but now over here we can see

that it is Holi to want that means if I have to clone a way that Right Fit structure would be like this we have oxygen green screen and then we have to lone pairs with oxygen to the number of a in nonpaged this is calculated for oxygen only right but over here we have glowing and we know that fluorine has atomic number of 9th write it has total of seven Valence Electrons with right because 9 gonna feel like 2 and 7 right so it has 7 valence electron so one is involved in morning so it would have 6 electrons present as ka Suvidha 3 long dress for Easter in right so if you calculate the number of a we have only 21 Pacific and right we have to born a right and then if we talk about total number of lone pairs in this structure with 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 lone pairs this is the total number of Bond pair and lone pairs that was to have Sohar answer would be to

comma TOEFL cutoff in 26 is not correct to it is correct to 10 is not connect to 9 is not correct answer to this question will be taken to eat these as a number of Bond pairs and lone pairs in