In `NI(CO)_4`, electron configuration and the oxidation state of Ni are

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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`3d^8 4s^2 , 0` `3d^10 , 0` `3d^8, + 2` none of these

Answer :
Solution :
`Ni[Z = 28]` in `Ni(CO)_4` is in zero oxidation state having configuration `[""_18Ar]3d^8 4s^2`.


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question given you before electronic configuration in addition state of Nickel is the given coordination compounds and we need to calculate electronic configuration of Nickel element in the compound and then it is state of metal in the temple of the given the coordination compound nikal to let calculate 354 ko Vidit don't know anyone who letters into the act and the charge of an Albino that it is neutral ligand 27 charge of the Year 2 X that it 402 3rd initial charge charge is not given V argument 2020 equation the value calculator without a will be zero that the present in the ground state only it is only

finally the electronic configuration we are going to write nikal is having basically atomic number of 28 how the configuration will go lekin organ which is the Vinod it is going to be and it will be up to date with 3D it is the normal configuration which is the ground state and state the contribution will also be the same outer competition what will be the 238 option a given problem thank you

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