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In lead storage battery, the a...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`Pb^(2+) + 2e^(-) rarr Pb``Pb + H_(2)SO_(4) rarr PbSO_(4) + 2H^(+) + 2e^(-)``PbO + H_(2)SO_(4) rarr PbSO_(4) + H_(2)O``2PbO + Pb rarr 2Pb = PbO_(2)`

Answer : B


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hair is a question in which in Lead Storage battery anode reaction is option first TV + 2 + 2 electron dengue fever after Second TV + H2 S o4 that it will be give Phoebe as before plus two moles of Atlas plus two electron option third pbo + H2 S o4 it will be give t v s o4 + H2 option for two moles of preview Plus TV then it will be give two moles of TV Plus TV now firstly we know about what is the Lead Storage battery Lead Storage battery it is a secondary battery in which which can we recharge after passing the current in reverse direction and can we use a certain number of kinds is known as secondary battery now be discussed

reactions we use at anode side lead and at cathode side cathode side lead oxide please and reuse electrolyte electrolyte that is 40% 4 solution solution and we had an outside had an outside of the day take place so there Oxidation reaction is lead + H2 S o4 H2 S o4 then it will be give pbso4 that is lead sulphate + 2 moles of h + + 2 moles of electron that is our Oxidation reaction

at cathode side at cathode side always reduction takes place and takes place and the reduction reaction is the O2 + H2 S o4 H2 S o4 + 2 moles of Atlas + 2 moles of electron then it will be give lead sulphate + 2 moles of water now in our question asking in Lead Storage battery the anode reaction to our anode reaction is this so effect option is option number factory thank you


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