In elimination reaction, the major product is either Saytzeff (more-substituted alkene) or Hofmann product (less-substituted alkene) depending on the nature of the substrate and the nature of the <br> base. Which statement is correct about the reactions ? <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/KSV_ORG_P1_C05_E01_033_Q01.png" width="80%">

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Both products (B) and (c) are Hofmann product. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/KSV_ORG_P1_C05_E01_033_O01.png" width="30%">.Both products (B) and (c) are Saytzeff product. <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/KSV_ORG_P1_C05_E01_033_O02.png" width="30%">product (B) is Hofmann and (c) is Saytzeff product.Product (B) is Saytzeff and (c) is Hofmann product.

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hi everyone let's GK questions here the question is paragraph based question so here we have in elimination reaction the major product is needed is a fruit that is more substituted alkene or the Hoffman product less substituted depending on the nature of the substrate and the nature of the base ok so it is given that in the elimination reaction we have the two types of two type of products as a major that first stage of rule or direct second is a Half Men product can be formed from either both of these methods ok any one method can be used so which statement is correct about the reaction so here we have the reaction of a first with minors and then it is ch3co - ok at the formation of B and C if we see this product is our let's write down here so here we have is here we have f

then what it is here then we have is like this MP4 ke now this product first here we have the reaction with minors and the second ch3coo - writing journal so that we can solve easily so here are the formation of d&c ok and this is our a ok and in the question here it is given MB 3 - ok so EMI means CH3 itself ok me is our CH3 only so if you open this compound so here we have is CH3 right and here we has th year we have fluorine here we have Ch 2nd year we have a CA CBC this compound is avoid 2-fluoro butane this is our 2-fluoro butane and this is our alkyl chloride

chloride ok this is our alkyl chlorides so here in this case what happens in the cases of alkyl chloride the elimination is favoured by the hofmann rule it is favoured by the hofmann rule due to the acidity of the beta hydrogen ok so here we see these structures hair week let's draw like this ch2oh year we have a c h here we have f here we have Ch h&r we have is CH3 ok Suno hear this is our first position this is second third and The Fourth ok so due to the plus I effect due to the plus I effect what happens is the carbon C3 ok the hydrogen beta hydrogen at C3 carbon is less

is less acidic than the beta hydrogen at the C1 position at this this is a bit hydrogen and this is our beta hydrogen ok so here this c31 is less acidic than this one due to the plus side effect of the ch3oh here we are the plus I effect of the CH3 group in this direction ok so that's why so due to this that C1 hydrogen is more acidic more acidic so it will be lost easily it will be lost easily ok so here is what we will have here let right again so here we have is ch2oh here we have CHF and here we have chh-3 Hawa Ch 3 this gives us the

plus I effect and when it reacts with the over ah - this will be removed ok this will be removed so here's what product will be formed by the E2 elimination the product formed is ch2 double bond Ch ch2 CH3 ok this hydrogen will react with this in mind this product will be formed if we represent this product this will be like this right and this is our which product bute one in this is our one in product ok now let's see this is a bi this is where we know we will see that which product is formed when it reacts with ch3coo -2 Heera ch3ch f ch2 CH3 then here also we will have the same product in this case because ch3coona

West - shows the same reaction with the two degree halides are we can see the alkyl chlorides so here are also a product formed will be this one and these both the power of man product because we have already discussed that the removal of the beta hydrogen is due to the acidity and it is governed by the hofmann rule so it means that both products B and C are Hoffman product is a correct answer these products are formed both B and C are such as if it isn't correct both these of menses disease also in correct this is a series of this is also in correct every correct answer is this one ok this is our correct answer thank you

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