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In disaccharides, if the reduc...

In disaccharides, if the reducing groups of monosaccharides, i.e., aldehydic or ketonic groups are bonded, these are non-reducing sugars. Which of the following disaccharide is a non-reducing sugar?

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B
Solution : In option (b), two monosaccharides are held together by a glycosidic linkage between C-1 of `alpha`-glucose and C-2 of `beta`-fructose.


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welcome to not in this market on added these are reducing which of the following monosaccharide attached by glycosidic year it is the first carbon and it is a number and it is attached by each other by 14 glycosidic Bond

it is a carbon share it is here and here it is the anomaly carbon and here it is it is the and it is the firm has more than it is it is the reducing sugar it is the grid using sugar reducing sugar sugar what group is attacked on the and ovary carbon-free group on present on the and ovary carbon dioxide auraton ka it is also reducing sugar reducing sugar sugar and this is a group on the anomeric carbon

it is due to this it is the reducing sugar sugar on the carbon and css3 group on carbon is not present it is the known using sugar it is the video Singh sugar in the disaccharide if Karbonn contain watch group free group reducing sugar and if Innova car in both the ride has not present what group online America Bandhan it is the normal during sugar Sobi is the correct option B is the non reducing thank you have a nice day

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