In covalent compounds the bond is formed due to the ______________ of electrons. (sharing/transfer)

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone let's start the question the question is that in covalent compounds the bond is formed due to the sharing of electrons or transfer of electrons there are two kinds of Bond that is covalent bond and ionic bond and covalent bonds are formed by sharing of electrons were formed by sharing of electrons and photons performed by transfer of electrons due to which they form that is the time which is positively charged and anion negatively charged so the covalent bonding occurs atom

atom atom consists of one electron in a swell one electron and its valence shell the Apparatus 1 and parallel electronics balance shall therefore we also consist of one Anpadh electron in a outermost shell all these electrons they are paid ceos to make a bonding between a and the reaction between A and B will be a + b will give this is the covalent bonds how does bonds forms is both of the elements that have one each and electrons and them to bond between them these are the unpaired electrons cricket share Sher to form a bond

Bond pair and does bonding between PNB SSA and SSB 123456 to the sharing their 10 Oct 8 8 electrons in each of the at these are the shared of electrons this is the formation of the covalent bond is in the question that in covalent compounds the bond form to choose answer sharing of electrons in the transfer of electrons give ionic bond thank you

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