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Class 12






The P-block Elements


In brown ring test for nitrate...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B

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the question is in brown ring test for nitrate ions brown ring is formed due to the complex and these are the options so as in the question it is given brown ring test is used for the detection of nitrate ions present in the sample so how this test is performed in this test the sample containing the night time is first mixed with the Iron to sulphate solution iron to sulphate solution and then to the solution concentrated H2 S o4 is added to the sides of the test and when this concentrated H2 S o4 is slowly added then a brown ring is formed

is brown ring is formed at the interface of concentrated H2 S o4 and the sample solution Swift write it in the form of equations so it will be no3 - 33 nitrate and from the sample plus the iron 2 + this is from the iron to sulphate solution h + from the concentrated H2 S o4 it gives yellow + 33 + + H2O swiftly balance this equation so here at will be 3ft + 33 + to water molecules and 4x + now this F3 Plus and water molecules formed the complex pictures free

H2O whole 62 plus IT reacts with this n o and it forms a complex which has the formula FB H2O vol 5 n o two plus plus water this Complex which is formed is the brown ring complex reflex so I correct option will be in which days SCH to hold 5 NO2 + so option to will be the correct one

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